Diamond Clarity

Chart showing diamond clarity
Clarity determines how clean a diamond is. Nearly all diamonds, lab-grown and mined alike, have inclusions. These are imperfections that contribute to the overall uniqueness of a diamond, and commonly consist of solid inclusions, cracks, cleavages, feathers, clouds, etc. The difference between mined and synthetic diamonds in regard to clarity lies in the nature of solid inclusions. In HPHT grown diamonds they are metallic while in natural diamonds they are not.

Both natural and lab grown diamonds are graded on a clarity scale based on the number, size and type of inclusions, as determined by a gemologist.

FL/IF Flawless or Internally Flawless - No visible inclusions or imperfections with 10x magnification
VVS Very Very Slightly Included - Inclusions difficult to see with 10x magnification
VS Very Slightly Included - Inclusions seen with 10x magnification
SI Slightly Included - Inclusions easily seen with 10x magnification, but not visible through the crown with the naked eye
I Included - Inclusions easily seen with the naked eye

Within a category, a "1" grading has fewer or smaller inclusions than a "2".


It is a common misconception that all lab-grown diamonds are flawless. Inclusions are present in nearly all HPHT lab-grown diamonds. Most of our diamonds are VS clarity.