Availability of Diamonds

AOTC created diamonds are available in various colors, shapes and sizes. Each color has different growth characteristics which affects availability.

Yellow & Orange Diamonds

Yellow Engagement Ring
D.NEA Six-Prong Solitaire
Yellow diamonds grow the quickest of all the colors, taking around 5-6 days. Polished yellow diamonds are available in sizes up to two carats. We have achieved numerous color, size and quality goals for our yellow diamonds, so we are focusing much of our current efforts towards blue and white diamonds. Due to this, our production of yellows will be reduced, though they are still available. Please check our inventory to see if we have what you are looking for, but if not, please contact us. Likewise, we are not actively producing diamonds with an orange modifying color but we still have some in stock.

The majority of our yellows will be available between the "fancy yellow" and "fancy vivid yellow" color ranges. The yield from a yellow rough diamond is best suited for square shapes, so you will see many of them available.

Melee Sizes and Matched Sets

Two round yellow diamonds
We carry many yellow diamonds in sizes under 0.50 ct as single stones, matched pairs, matched side stones or pave sets. Please contact us if you have an interest in matched suites or sizes and shapes not listed online.

Blue Diamonds

Tension set blue diamond engagement ring
Steven Kretchmer Omega w/ pave
Blue diamonds grow much slower than yellows, usually taking 7-10 days. The largest polished blue diamond we have produced was around 1.50 carat. The yield from a rough blue is best suited for a round brilliant. Though we can produce most shapes, the polished weight may be lower for non-rounds, especially elongated cuts.

Much of our current production is focused on blues, with the majority being available between "fancy light blue" and "fancy vivid blue" colors. We are not actively producing deep and dark blue shades, although, some do become available.

Melee Sizes and Matched Sets

Two blue diamonds
We carry many blue diamonds in sizes under 0.30 ct as single stones, matched pairs, matched side stones or pave sets. Please contact us if you have an interest in matched suites or sizes and shapes not listed online.

White / Colorless Diamond

Five loose white diamonds
White or colorless diamonds are the slowest and most difficult of all colors to grow. The largest polished near colorless diamond we have produced was one carat, though that is currently an upper limit, rather than an average.

While whites are in the highest demand, they are the least available of lab-grown diamonds. We encourage considering a much more rare and unique blue or yellow diamond. Many of our customers who initially sought a white diamond end up happier with a light blue or intense yellow.

Caution Icon
A word of caution: Very few white synthetic diamonds are available on the market, and those that are, weigh less than one carat in nearly all cases. These colorless diamonds are very difficult to grow, with limited availability, from any producer. Prices are normally comparable to a mined colorless diamond. If you see a product claiming it is a white lab diamond for significantly less than a mined diamond would cost, caveat emptor, as there is a strong possibility it may be a simulant.

Pink, Red, Green, Purple and Other Colors

Eight pink, red, green and purple diamonds
Diamonds are currently grown as yellow, blue or white, and these colors are our primary focus. Other colors are achievable by using post-growth treatment of as-grown yellows. The post-growth treatment is most successful with smaller, lower saturation yellows.

We do not actively treat diamonds, as the results vary widely based on the as-grown specifications (carat, color, etc.). If you have an interest in a colored diamond other than our as-grown yellow, blue and white colors, please read more about our treated colors, and you may contact us with your request.